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"Blacktotheback" season 1 episode 1

Ugly is a character driven series set in a world where black identity is at the core of the character’s lives and the choices that they are forced to consider which challenge the way the world sees them versus how they view themselves.
Zuri experiences horrifyingly acts of colorism (skin tone) discrimination on a music video set where she plays an actress as one of the lead girls to the hottest rapper out, Lil Mumble. During the shoot she is treated poorly compared to the lighter skin tone actresses. 
The crude director of the production lines up all of the models for one of the scenes and unbeknownst to the actresses uses a paper bag test to determine who will be featured with Lil Mumble in the scene. Zuri is placed in the back because she is darker than the paper bag.

"Blacktotheblack" Season 1 Ep 1: Story
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