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Shannon is a the childhood friend and ex-lover of the lead character Zuri.
Shannon is just released from jail after spending 5 years in prison after being falsely accused of rape while in college. 
Torn between staying on the straight and narrow to win Zuri back and own his own skateboard park for inner city youth Shannon tells Zuri, in the episode "Backtotheback” not to worry about how he will acquire financial means to accomplish his business goals alluding that criminal intentions might be necessary to get ahead in life.  He must reconcile with a dual identity. There is madness in his journey.

Story: Welcome

Zuri is an actress who struggles with her identity. 
Her primary narrative in the beginning of season one is her unconscious realization of self identity that slowly reveals itself to her in often destructive ways. Up until now she was not fully aware how much she tries to assimilate to the white ideal Hollywood actress beauty standards. She discovers that her entire existence has been ascribed to her by societal standards and perhaps beauty is nothing more than an illusionary construction that she must plow through to find her authentic self bitter sweet.

Story: Image
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