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Cast & Crew


Ugly wouldn’t be the same without the hard work and execution of our talented cast and crew. Our team includes some of the industry’s best and brightest; people who are striving to find new ways to tell a story and challenge their abilities. Take a look at their bios below.


Bella Maori

Writer, Actress, Director, Producer as “Zuri”

Bella Maori is the mastermind behind the project’s concept and a wide variety of elements during the filming and production of Ugly, with her versatility and proficiency on full display; from pre-production all the way through the release.


Shon Dmario Evans as “Shannon”

Actor, Martial Arts Enthusiast, Artist

Shon Evans brought his delightful personality and creative mindset with him each and every day, helping to set the collaborative tone throughout the duration of the project.


Ziggy Edward’s as “Lil Mumble”

Actor, Model, Rap Artist

Ziggy played a key role in bringing the concept of Ugly to life on the screen. He brought his talent, imagination and professionalism to the forefront while working on this production.


Deon Sams as “Michael”

Actor, Singer,

Deon’s Episodic TV, Feature Film and Short Series experience combined with creative versatility contributions enriched the project’s objectives.

Cast & Crew: Cast & Crew
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